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Water jet cutting is a volume reduction process used to create new shapes and machine existing shapes. Hydro cutting offers manufacturers and fabricators an alternative to resource-intensive hot-cutting processes like laser and plasma cutting. Water jet cutters are capable of precisely cutting intricate shapes out of metal and plastics as well as some glass and ceramic materials.

Water jet cutting machinery can generate jet pressures between 30,000 and 90,000 PSI. Some high-pressure water cutting systems can produce pressures of up to 120,000 PSI; such systems are limited in their use to the cutting and machining of very thick or strong materials. In the case of the toughest material, abrasive water jet cutting systems, which combine fine abrasive particles with a water stream, are used to reduce a material’s resistance to cutting. Brittle materials like glass and ceramics are cut with machinery operating at much lower pressures to reduce the risk of breakage. Water jet cutting is an attractive process to many professionals because it can cut materials without creating jagged or burred edges. Abrasive jet and abrasive flow machining in particular can produce very smooth edges without causing the warping that can occur during traditional blade cutting. In order to create the most precise products possible, almost every water jet cutting system is managed by a computer numerical control (CNC) system, which controls the movement and pressure of the water jet according to designs programmed into them by technicians. CNC systems make possible the accurate cutting of all kinds of shapes out of many kinds of materials with different thicknesses and tolerances.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Hydro-Lazer, Inc.

Freeport, PA | 724-295-9100

When it comes to water jet cutting, Hydro-Lazer provides you with precision, speed, and efficiency. We have been supplying exceptional water jet cutting services since 1985, and we are committed to providing you with the highest value solution possible. We can take on projects of any size, and our advanced water jet cutting systems allow us to cut almost any material. Give us a call or visit our website for more information!

Jonco Industries, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI | 800-236-7311

Here at Jonco Industries, water jet cutting is just one of the many innovative industrial services we offer. We utilize high-pressure water jet cutting to create precision industrial components for your applications. Our water jet cutting services provide the unique combination of speed and accuracy which results in quick, versatile, and cost effective solutions for you! Contact us today to see how we can serve you!

Crane Technology

Westlake Village, CA | 805-379-4948

You can put your confidence in our more than 30 years of water jet cutting and machining experience. With in-house design capabilities and the latest in water jet machining technology, we can create high quality, custom parts to meet your specifications and application requirements. Regardless of how complex your vision, we can make it a reality! We also work with a variety of materials, so we have you covered! Contact us today!

H2O Jet Inc.

Tumwater, WA | 866-928-3753

H2O Jet engineers and manufactures a broad range of waterjet cutting components and parts. We have some of the most precise waterjet parts in the industry, and our products will help improve the efficiency and productivity of practically any waterjet cutting machine. Whether it is for stone, glass, foam, metal, or really any other material, H2O Jet waterjet parts are proven to have the highest reliability in the industry! Call us or visit our website to get your waterjet solution!

MarZee Water Jet Services

Phoenix, AZ | Fort Worth, TX | 877-885-1059

MarZee Water Jet Services provides you with the high precision abrasive water jet cutting services you need! We utilize many different multi-axis water jet cutting systems as well as other machining systems. With our diverse capabilities, we can make precise, complex cuts on just about any material. You can count on us for superior edge quality, craftsmanship, and service. Check out our website to view our complete offering of services, and give us a call to discuss your cutting requirements!

Many industries that make use of intricate, precisely-cut products require access to water jet cutting services. The automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment manufacturing and communications industries as well as artists, food processors and lumberyards all enjoy the benefits of water jet cutting and fabrication. Blade cutting and other more conventional cutting methods often create the need for secondary processing; burrs created at metal edges must be removed, warping must be corrected and discoloration from heat generated by friction must be addressed. Water jet cutting is not subject to any of these deficiencies. There is no heat involved in water jet cutting, so discoloration or damage to surfaces because of friction or other heat sources is not possible. Also, the force of the jet stream is borne only in the area where the cut is being created, so no surface deformation away from the cutting area is created during water jet cutting and machining. Because no heat is involved in the water jet cutting process, heat-sensitive materials like certain thermoplastics can be easily shaped without the risk of melting or accidental ignition. Also, because water jet cutting is a cold-cutting process, several sheets of raw material can be stacked and cut simultaneously, greatly increasing water jet cutting’s efficiency compared to other cutting methods. Water jet cutting machinery’s many favorable qualities make it an excellent complement to other cutting equipment like laser cutters, routers and plasma cutters; adding water jet cutters to an operation is a great way to increase productivity.

Some materials are not appropriate for water jet cutting processes. Some glass compositions and thicknesses are too vulnerable to becoming shattered when exposed to water jets, and some ceramics are similarly vulnerable to damage when subject to water jets. On the opposite end of the hardness spectrum, diamond and certain metals can be too hard to be cut with water jets. Moisture-sensitive materials and hydrophobic elements are obviously also not suited to water jet cutting, but aside from these limitations, water jet cutting is an extremely effective, efficient and versatile cutting and machining process. Water jet cutters are capable of cutting many different kinds of materials and involve minimal setup time. They can efficiently accommodate product runs of all sizes (including prototype runs) and can be configured with multiple heads working simultaneously to increase output. One of the reasons for water jet cutting processes’ high effectiveness and efficiency is that nearly all water jet processing methods are managed by computer numerical control systems. Designers using computer-aided design software can create designs that CNC-managed equipment interpret and execute with extreme precision. For example, a CNC-managed water jet cutting system can cut shapes out of a metal sheet without errors while leaving the smallest possible amount of space between cutouts, saving raw material and maximizing output. Once a project is finished, there is no need for time-consuming tool changes; a new computer design can quickly and easily be programmed into the computer. All of the different shapes that emerge from this process are free of burrs or other imperfections and can be handled immediately; because no heat is involved in the process, no time is required for cooling or setting.

Another reason for the high efficiency of water jet cutting systems is their capacity for materials reclamation. Most of the water and abrasive media expelled from water jet nozzles can be reclaimed and re-circulated, minimizing water and media consumption. The recycling of water and abrasive media reduces the amount of investment in materials costs and increases the sustainability of the process. Professionals interested in reducing the environmental impact of their operations can appreciate the low energy-intensiveness and high efficiency of water jet cutting. Also, because materials costs are low, companies can invest the materials expenses they have saved in equipment maintenance, new equipment and raw materials. Compared to other cutting and machining methods, water jet cutting presents few threats to workplace safety. It produces no noxious gasses or liquids, as can be the case with hot cutting methods like laser and plasma cutting. It also produces no sparks or flying debris, which further reduces the number of hazards compared to other cutting processes. The only substantial threat to workplace safety present in water jet cutting is noise; high-pressure water jet cutting in particular can be quite loud. However, this issue is easily addressed by sound-proofing the cutting workspace and issuing personal ear protection to employees. Minimal safety hazards, the absence of dangerous byproducts and low heat levels allow water jet cutting operations to continue without interruption for as long as 20 hours, further contributing to high output and efficiency.

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