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Freeport, PA

Hydro-Lazer, Inc. is a premier specialist in the custom waterjet cutting industry. We have been privately owned and operated since 1985. Our highly respected company has completed over 10,000 waterjet cutting and flooring inlay jobs. Our company is located in Freeport, Pennsylvania and we serve a wide range of customers in various industries. Our cutting technology is defined by speed, precision, and efficiency and is well trusted by clients. Our production team works directly with clients to ensure that finished products meet high quality standards. Our waterjet cutting capabilities solve problems that conventional cutting methods such as plasma, laser, and EDM can't solve.

Many industries are served by our company including aerospace, military, industrial, and architectural. The companies we work with range from small retailers to large manufacturing companies who have needs ranging from small prototypes to large yearly contract runs. We are able to meet military inspection standard MIL-I-45208A. Our high pressure stream of water can cut material up to 8" thick and can cut almost any materials. Common materials that we cut include aluminum, steel, composites, brass, plastics, titanium, copper, marble, granite and more. Our abrasive waterjet cutting adds abrasives such as crushed garnet for components where a highly smooth finished is desired.

Our company specializes in flooring inlays to enhance the beauty of any space. We use our waterjet cutting techniques to create custom logos and flooring inlays for places like schools, hotels, stores, sports teams, and more. We use materials like marble, granite, stone, metal, glass, or other materials of the customer's choice. Hydro-Lazer, Inc. can work with almost any design input from hand drawn pictures to CAD drawings.

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